Traffic Rider Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Gold & Unlocked Bikes)

Game nameTraffic Rider
Mod featureUnlimited money, gold, fuel, time and
All bikes & gaming modes unlocked
File size141.2 MB
Required Android VersionAndroid 5.0 and Above

Traffic Rider is the best racing game available for Android users. This game offers a highly realistic virtual gaming experience with simple and user-friendly controls and interfaces. These features make it easy for beginners to play.

Traffic Rider provides various gaming modes: career, endless, free ride, and time trial. Also, players have a selection of over 26 heavy bikes to choose from.

However, not all of these features are available in the free version. You will need money and gold coins to enjoy the game without limitations.

Moreover, unlocking bikes can be expensive, requiring a lot of money and gold. Although there are some free ways to get unlimited money for traffic riders, these methods offer good chance to get free resources. But these tips and trick are not enough to earn unlimited money.

But don’t worry; you can access unlimited resources and paid features for free with the Traffic Rider Mod APK.

By installing this modified version, you will have unlimited money and gold. And also all bikes and gaming modes will already be unlocked. This allows you to install the game and start playing.

Furthermore, ads are removed in the modded version, allowing the players to play the game without interruptions from advertisements. Therefore, download Traffic Rider Mod APK and enjoy all the premium features for free.

What is a Traffic Rider Game?

Traffic Rider is a racing video game developed by Skgames. This game’s Gameplay and core concept are simple and easy to understand. Your objective in the game is to ride the bike as far as possible without clashing with other vehicles on the road. 

The game offers various heavy bikes and has excellent graphics and controls. Moreover, players can upgrade their bikes and unlock new levels using money and gold.

What is a Traffic Rider Mod APK?

This is a modified version of the original Traffic Rider game and it’s created by our team of developers. In this file, we have unlocked the paid features such as locked bikes, money, and gold. Players can access all these features for free after downloading installing the Traffic Rider mod file on their smart phone.

Pro Features in Traffic Rider Latest Mod APK

Unlimited Money

Money is vital in the game, as it is needed to unlock various bikes. For example, to get a CBZ 250Y bike, you will require 40,000 currency. However, there are only a few ways to get free money by playing the traffic rider game.

Getting gaming currency with real money is also quite expensive. For example, for just $4, you would only receive 60,000 virtual currency. On the other hand, the latest mod apk version of this traffic rider game provides unlimited cash (2,107,899,999).

 Players can use this money to purchase any bike or customize their existing one within the game without spending real money or playing it to get a bit of virtual cash.

unlimited money and gold in traffic mod apk

Unlimited Gold

Like money, gold is another currency that has a very important value in the traffic rider game. Players can use the gold for various purposes, such as upgrading and buying the bike.

Moreover, it can also be used to get extra lives and unlock specific missions. Due to the importance of gold, our developer team provides unlimited gold in traffic rider pro APK. After installing this modified game, players can instantly get it. 

All Bikes are Unlocked

all bikes unlooked in traffic rider mod apk

Bikes are the leading and most essential items in a traffic rider game, which allow the players to choose and ride them within the game. These motorbikes vary in terms of their appearance, performance, and characteristics.

However, when players install it, game only provided one bike at start. Other bikes can be purchased using in-game currency. For example, the NJ350 can be get for 55,000 in virtual cash, while the ZX750 heavy bike can be bought for 100,000 in virtual cash.

However, getting virtual cash is challenging and expensive, as mentioned earlier. However, you can save money and try other free methods to unlock the bikes. The traffic rider mod apk has already unlocked all 26 heavy bikes, which allow players to be used immediately without any waiting time.

Unlimited Fuel and Time

By using this mod, you’ll get unlimited fuel and time. So you can ride the bike without running out of time or fuel. 

ADS Free

Although the original traffic rider is free to play, it will be too annoying when unwanted ads suddenly appear after a few seconds of playing. This process makes the game too boring. 

However,  when it comes to this mod version, it does not have any ads. This means you can play the game without interruption of ads. 

Four Different Gaming Modes

Four Different Gaming Modes in traffic rider mod apk

Traffic ride is not just a game where you ride a game on a simple route. Instead, it’s a complete game which includes four different gaming modes that are below:


This is the initial mode which helps you to make your career go on to the next mode. Players can face different challenges in this mode to progress to the next mode.

 For example, your task is to cross over 40 cars without hitting them in 10 seconds to pass the level. But if you hit any car, the race will start from the same point. 


As its name suggests, you’ll get unlimited time to ride the bike without worrying about running out of time in this mode. However, players should avoid hitting any car; if a bike hits a car 3 times, it will end the game. 

Free Ride

 In this traffic rider hack mode, no other bikes or cars are on the road. So in free mode, you can ride a bike without worrying about hitting a motorbike with these objects. This mode is especially great if you’re a beginner to get good control of a bike. 

Time Trial 

In time trial mode, you select a specific time on your own and then within that time range, you’ve to reach the point. 

These are all four modes in this game but free ride, time trial and Endless mode are locked in the free version. But all these modes are already unlocked in our traffic rider 2 mod apk version.

Other Notable Features in Traffic Rider Game

 Profile that keeps track of your progress

This game allows the players to create customized profiles against their details. And this profile shows the progress information of the game. Usually, this include the total played game, ride time, distance traveled, max speed, average speed, cash, achievements and the number of earned money.

Besides this, this game has a leaderboard system which shows the position of ranked players globally in the list.

Great Sound Effect

A good sound makes gaming more exciting while playing the traffic rider. When it comes to this game, it also has excellent sound quality.

 Since, in this game, bikes are used to ride, the sound effects of these motor bikes are very similar to the real sound of motorbikes. The original sound of heavy bikes is included in the game. 

Excellent Interface and Stunning Graphics

This game has a well-defined and user-friendly interface that appears simple and easy to use. The interface is designed so that even beginners can start playing the game without learning it.

 However, the interface needs more solidity. For example, sometimes you must need to double-press on certain objects to use them.

Furthermore, the traffic rider game has 3d graphics that give a stunning visual experience. All objects in the game, like motorbikes, cars, characters, and the surrounding environment, give a real look. 

Day and Night Mode

The Traffic Rider game offers two modes: day and night. Players can choose their preferred mode. The night mode is more visually pleasing to the eyes.

Play the Game with First Person Perspective Approach

This game is designed and developed based on FPA. This means the player sees and interacts with the game environment as if looking through the character’s eyes. This way, players can directly focus on game objects.

Gameplay of Traffic Rider

The Gameplay of this motorbike racing game is very simple and easy to understand. When the game starts, first, you’ve to select which bike the player will ride in the game.  

Also, the game offers 26 different heavy bikes, and you can select your desired heavy bike using virtual cash currency. After selecting the bike, you have to ride the bike to win the race without hitting the cars and other objects on the road. 

 Furthermore, the game offers four different gaming modes: career, endless, free, and trail ride. Each mode offers different features to ride the bike.

Overall, the Gameplay of traffic riders is very simple and user-friendly, equal for all ages. Even if you’re playing Rider mod apk on PC, playing a game on a desktop computer will be so simple. 

My Review About Traffic Rider

This game runs very smoothly and pleasantly, even on low-end devices. I have been playing this game on my HP Chromebook, and it runs smoothly.

The Gameplay of Traffic Rider is simple and easy. However, the only problem is the limited resources, including coins, money, and a few bikes in the free version. Even unlocking bikes is too expensive.

But when I installed a Traffic Rider mod APK, it gave me unlimited coins and gold. Moreover, all bikes were locked in this version, unlike the free version, which only has a few bikes.

I have been using this mod APK to play the game, and it has given me an great pleasant gaming experience. Moreover, levels are very easy to pass with unlimited gold and money.

Traffic Rider System Requirements 

Required space: 120MB 

Android version: Android 5.1 plus


How to download and Install this mod version 

To install this modified game, please follow the steps below. However, ensure that you have uninstalled the previous version.

Step 1:

Click on the link provided above. The downloading will start automatically, and the time it takes to complete will depend on your connection speed.

Step 2:

After downloading the game, click on the downloaded file to begin the installation process. Before installing, you will be prompted to allow installations from unknown sources in your settings. Grant permission and the Traffic Rider Mod APK will be successfully installed.

Pros :

  • 4 different gaming modes
  • Quick to play
  • Excellent Gameplay
  • Highly quality graphics 
  • More than 26 heavy bikes 

Cons :

  • Very costly premium items
  • The graphical interface is not very solid 


Can I use this mod version of my iOS device?

No, this is only for Android devices. However, if you need this game for Apple devices, you can use the traffic rider mod app for iOS

Is Traffic Rider free?

This game is free to play but offers paid features like more advanced heavy bikes and different gaming modes.

How many levels are there in Traffic Rider?

Traffic riders have more than 40 levels. 

Can I play this game offline?

Yes, players can play this game offline without any internet connection. 

Is this mod version safe to play?

Yes, this modified version is safe to use, and it does not have any virus. 

Does this game have a multiplayer mode?

No, traffic rider does not offer multipliers; it only offers a single-player mode. 

What are the differences between the original Traffic Rider game and the modded version?

Original traffic rider is an original game developed by Skgames. At the same time, the mod is a modified version of this original game which provides paid features free, like all locked bikes, unlimited cash, gold and also locked gaming modes. 

How many bikes are in this game?

Traffic riders have more than 26 heavy bikes, and each motorbike has unique power and features. 


Traffic Rider is the best racing game for Android users, offering a highly realistic virtual gaming experience. Its simple, user-friendly controls make it equally great for beginners and pro gamers.

However, the free version has limitations, such as locked bikes and gaming modes. Luckily, the Traffic Rider Mod APK provides a solution by granting unlimited money and gold, unlocking all bikes and gaming modes, and removing ads.

With the modded version, players can enjoy all the premium features for free.