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Last Updated on September 11, 2023 by Ishaan Shah

The Traffic Rider Hack Mod provides you with all the premium resources that are not available in the free version. With the help of this version, you’ll get unlimited money, coins, and gold and unlock all bikes.

Furthermore, in Traffic Rider Hack Mod APK all gaming modes are unlocked which were locked in original game. This means that after downloading and installing this hack version, players can immediately start playing these modes without waiting for them to unlock.

Usually, in free version, players can only unlock them after completing required missions and levels. So why are you waiting? Just click on the download button and get the hack version of traffic rider free of cost.

Game NameTraffic Rider
Hack Versionv1.95
Hack InfoUnlimited Everyting
Size141.2 MB

What is Traffic Rider Hack Apk?

Similar to Traffic Rider Mod APK, the hack version is also a modified version of original game file. In this hack app, our developer of team have unlocked all premium items which are not available in the original traffic rider. 

After downloading and installing hack traffic rider game , players can instantly access all locked features free of charge. However, you can download Traffic Rider for iOS if you are an Apple device user. Furthermore, a mod version is available for PC users who want to play this game on their desktop computers.

Unlocked Features in Traffic Rider HACK APK

Unlimited Money

As you know, gaming currency is vital in any game, as it allows players to unlock various features. Furthermore, players can use this in game-currency to upgrade or customize their favorite bikes. However, getting virtual currency in Traffic Rider, like in other games is quite challenging and difficult.

Although there are a few proven methods to earn unlimited money, there may need to be more than just these tips and tricks, as they only provide limited virtual currency.

However, by using the Traffic Rider pro apk game, players can get unlimited gold and coins, which allow them to access anything within the game.

All Bikes Are Unlocked 

The real beauty of Traffic Rider is that it provides a wide range of bikes, from simple ones to highly advanced heavy bikes. Players can freely use them in the game. However, there is one problem: these bikes are extremely expensive to unlock. 

But you don’t need to worry because players can access all of these best bikes when you download and install the Traffic Rider hack APK. In other words, you don’t need to pay anything to unlock these bikes—they are already unlocked.

Unlocked Four Gaming Modes

Since Traffic Rider offers four game modes, including career, endless, free ride, and time trial, these modes make the game highly adventurous and exciting. However, the free game version does not provide access to these modes. 

You have to complete one mode before gaining access to the others. The alternative is to purchase the full version with the help of money to unlock these modes. However, the Traffic Rider hack APK provides direct access to all four gaming modes.

Top Features of Traffic Rider

Varieties of Bikes 

Since this is a bike racing game, bikes are the most important element in the game. Having different kinds of bikes makes the game more exciting and enjoyable. In other words, game should have different kind of motor-bikes, so players can choose their favorite one.

Therefore, the developer of this game has included over 26 bikes, each with unique features and specifications that set them apart from one another.

Real Sound

The best thing about heavy bikes is their unbeatable sound, which makes them unique from other bikes. However, playing a heavy bike racing game without that sound can be boring.

 To make the game more enjoyable, developers have included real sounds of heavy bikes in traffic. This means that the bikes in the game will generate similar sound effects to real ones.

Multiple Gaming Modes

Unlike other racing games which has limited gaming mode, Traffic Rider provides four different modes. For example, these modes include Career, Endless, Free Ride, and Time Trial.

 Each gaming mode provides a different and unique game-play experience, making the game more attractive and exciting. Moreover, all of these modes offer different missions and levels.

By completing these missions, players can progress to the next mode. And best thing about this traffic rider game hack mod is all of these modes are already unlocked. Just download this file and start enjoying the game.

Upgrades and Customization

While playing the game, players can upgrade and customize their bikes with the help of virtual money. In other words, this game offer gaming-currency which can be used to make purchase.

By upgrading, players can enhance their bikes’ performance, handling, and acceleration. Moreover, they can customize the appearance of their bikes, including colors and styles.

Real-world Motorbike Gameplay

The best feature of this game is that it offers a highly immersive game-play experience that closely looks like real-world scenarios. As you navigate through traffic, you’ll feel like you are riding a bike on a real road.

Furthermore, there is lot of beautiful scene in game, which looks very similar to real world. Typically, when a player ride the bike, it feels like he is riding on real road. So why are you missing this beautiful scene? just download the game and start enjoying.

Detailed Environments

Traffic Rider features beautifully designed and detailed real-world environments, including city streets, highways, and scenic landscapes. The graphics and weather provide the best visual experience.


Traffic Rider Hack APK provides all premium resources for free that are not available in the original version. Players can access unlimited money, premium bikes, and four different gaming modes by downloading and installing this hack version version of real game.

Additionally, this version does not display ads, allowing players to enjoy the game without interruptions. So download it and enjoy everything freely without waiting for anything.


Is this hack version of traffic rider safe to use?

Yes, this file is totally safe to use. It does not contain any viruses or malicious code. You can download and install it without any issues.

How can I access premium features after installing it?

You don’t need to do anything after installing it; you can directly access premium features once this file is installed on your mobile.

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