Download Traffic Rider Pro APK & Get Premium Features Free

Last Updated on July 27, 2023 by Ishaan Shah

The users who want to get the pro features of a traffic rider racing game without spending any real money, I have a solution for them. Instead of wasting your real money to get coins or gold to unlock bikes or different gaming modes, you can get all of these things freely. 

You will get unlimited coins and gold by downloading and installing this traffic rider pro APK. And players can use these items to unlock different bikes and gaming modes. In other words, you can purchase any items in game.

All 26 heavy motorcycles and 4 gaming modes, including endless career, free rides, and trial modes, are already unlocked. Not only you’ll get these things in this modded file, but also ads are already removed. 

So without wasting time to get limited coins or virtual cash, get this traffic rider pro APK and enjoy everything freely. 

What is a Traffic Rider?

Traffic Rider is a racing game for mobile users. In the game, you ride a bike and navigate through various traffic-filled roads and highways. The objective of this ride is to ride as far as possible without crashing into other vehicles.

What is Traffic Rider Pro APK?

Like traffic rider mod apk, this pro apk version provides free locked features. For example, players will get free unlimited resources like gold and cash after downloading and installing it. Furthermore, this pro apk version allows you to directly use premium bikes and locked gaming modes without waiting for unlocking. 

Unlocked Features of Traffic Rider Pro APK

Here are complete details of unlocked features and resources that you’ll get in this profile. 

Unlocked 26 Heavy Bikes

Do you like to run your favorite heavy bike in a race, but unfortunately, the free version is not allowing you to use them? Don’t worry; here I have a solution for you.

This traffic rider pro app provides you access to all the motorcycles free of cost without spending your real money. For example, 26 bikes are unlocked in this pro apk file.  

Unlimited Gold and Virtual Money

Cash and gold are two important items in a traffic rider game. You can unlock any desired bike using these resources or get extra time and life. Although, by completing different missions or complete levels, you can earn money and gold with help of tips and tricks.

But more than these are needed to play the game with unlimited freedom because they’re very limited. However, by using traffic rider pro, players get unlimited money and gold. And these resources can be used to play the game without any limitations. 

Gaming Modes Are Unlocked

The real beauty and big excitement of this game are it offers 4 different gaming modes, including career, free rider, endless and time trial. However, free rider, time trial, and career modes are already locked in the free version, which can be unlocked by completing levels and different missions.

But it takes a lot of work to do this. However, all of these gaming modes are already unlocked in this traffic rider pro app. This means you can directly use them without waiting for their unlocking. 

ADS free

In the pro apk version of traffic, advertising ads are removed. This means when you’re playing the game, no ads will be shown, unlike the free version, which consists of unwanted ads. 

Unlimited Time and Fuel 

Of Course, bikes use fuel to run the motorbike. Similarly, you must complete the race within a given time in some races. But like other limited resources, the free version must provide enough time and fuel to ride the bike freely.

However, the pro app gives you unlimited time and fuel to play the game without running out of time and fuel. 

Good Features of Traffic Rider

High-Quality Graphics and Sound

Graphics are the main elements of any video game; low-quality or high-quality graphics make a huge difference in the overall gaming experience. Regarding traffic riders, this game features good quality 3D graphics, making the game more enjoyable.

While the sound of a traffic rider is amazing, riding the bike generates high-quality sound effects similar to the original. The developer of this game includes the real sound of a bike in the traffic rider pro apk. 

Real World Scenes

The traffic rider game has lots of beautiful scenery, which looks like the real world. For example, the game’s roads, buildings, people, cars, and other objects seem like the real world. 

Easy Control 

Traffic riders have very easy and well-defined control. Players can use these controls to ride the bike in traffic rider quickly. 


Traffic Rider Pro APK is an excellent solution for users who want to enjoy the pro features of the game without spending real money. Players can access unlimited coins and gold by downloading and installing this version.

Also, this pro version has unlocked all heavy motorcycles in game and four gaming modes. And players can use these bikes to enjoy the game without the hassle of waiting for heavy bikes to unlock.

Moreover, in this Pro APK, ads are removed. Besides this,  it also provides unlimited time and fuel. Regarding the gaming experience of traffic riders, it maintains high-quality graphics and realistic sound effects. 

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